Stylish Ideas for Portholes and Other Uncommon Window Shapes

Windows are a benefit to any room. They let in natural light and break up the visual expanse of walls and rooflines. While standard rectangular windows are quite attractive, you can give your home a unique feel by choosing unusual window shapes.
As the name suggests, these windows channel those found on a ship. Perfectly round, porthole windows can create a focal point in any room. You don’t want the porthole to be the main window in most rooms, but it can serve as a beautiful accent piece.
Porthole windows don’t afford you a lot of seeing space. Therefore, the style is ideal for rooms where you want more privacy, such as the bathroom. You can even have one installed right above a bathtub.
The circular shape of portholes can also interact with other shapes in your house’s design. For example, you could have portholes installed instead of standard rectangles in a gabled façade. The round shape will contrast with the peaked top of the gables.
Eyebrow Windows
The eyebrow window dates back to medieval times when they were inserted into the thatch roof of cottages. Modern eyebrow windows still carry some of that rustic appeal. However, the elongated half-circle is also another good way to play with shape.
You could have your contractor install an eyebrow window where you already have an interplay of shapes, such as the gabled roof mentioned above. Conversely, you could break up a long expanse of roofline with an odd number of eyebrow windows. Stay away from installing two, symmetrically placed windows unless you want to give your house a face.
Arched Windows
Standard arched windows, though elegant and beautiful, aren’t all that unique. However, you can customize arched windows to make them work in your space.
For example, say you have vaulted ceilings. The standard approach is to add transom windows above the regular rectangles. However, you can custom order extra-tall windows with an arched top instead. The tall expanse of glass will emphasize the height of your room.
The opposite situation is also possible. Let’s say you have a wide rather than tall wall. You could have your arched window custom-made so it takes more horizontal than vertical space. This window could be a picture style, with a single expanse of glass, or you could add mullions for a multi-pane effect.
Pointed Windows
Window tops are usually arched or straight. For a more unique focal point, consider pointed geometric shapes.
For instance, if you like the modern style, consider custom ordering a triangular window. Like the porthole, a triangular window functions best for accent purposes.
Another version of a pointed window is the peak pentagon shape. The peak pentagon is essentially a rectangle with a peaked top. If you custom order this shape of window, you can get any size. That means you can use the peaked pentagon as a picture or an accent window.
The cathedral window is a version that’s a little more classical – it’s basically an arched window with a point. Cathedral windows can be a good replacement for the classical arched window, especially if you want to give the illusion of vaulted or otherwise high ceilings.
Tall Rectangles
As with elongated arches, rectangular windows can be similarly stretched for a unique look. You can have these windows made as a single pane of glass, or you can use a series of shorter windows with minimal framing to give the same effect.
A tall rectangle is a good way to emphasize the shape of another rectangle, such as a door. A set of two tall rectangles flanking a door can help draw the eye up. This installation is especially attractive if you have another window above the door – say one of the above shapes such as a porthole or triangle.

Add pizzazz to your house by choosing an unusually-shaped window. Capital Glass can help you customize your window choices to create the visual impact you seek.

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