How Can You Increase Your Home’s Value With A Custom Glass Shower?

A bathroom remodel is an investment in yourself and your home. Whether you’re creating a tranquil space to refresh and relax or updating a tied eyesore, a brand-new bathroom is a home improvement project that counts.
A midrange bathroom remodel has an average cost recoup value (if you choose to sell your home down the road) of over 64%. Along with new tile, new fixtures and a new tub, adding a new shower enclosure can up the “wow” factor of your bathroom and turn it into a showpiece.
What can a glass shower enclosure do for your home improvement project? If you’re considering ditching the heavy shower curtains and installing a new glass door, take a look at the benefits that this type of enclosure brings to your bathroom upgrade.

Added Space

What does a shower curtain do? It serves many different functions. It keeps the water from streaming out of your shower and onto the floor. And it adds a decorative effect, dressing-up your bathroom. But it also cuts the space up by what could seem like half.
Pulling a heavy or dark shower curtain across your tub closes off the space. This makes a small bathroom seem even smaller than it actually is. If you want to open up the space or make it seem larger than it really is, a glass shower enclosure provides an almost invisible water-tight barrier. As the light flows through the glass, it will create the illusion of extra space. Beyond that, seeing through the glass (all the way into the shower) lets you see the entire room and not just a fraction of it.

A Modern Look

What are your design goals for your bathroom remodel? If they include creating a contemporary spa-like look, a glass shower enclosure is what you need. Shower curtains can look old-fashioned or traditional. Updating the look of the room means making a change. A glass shower enclosure can do just that.
The sleek look of glass, especially if you go for a frameless design, has a modern feel. It’s simple, yet elegant. Keep in mind that you don’t need to create a futuristic, modern space that has an industrial feel to get a “contemporary” look. A clear glass enclosure is enough of a departure from the bulky shower curtains and frosted glass of the past to get a look that’s more today than yesteryear.
Along with a more modern or contemporary type of style, a custom cut glass shower enclosure also adds an air of luxury. This isn’t just any door that you’ll find at your local big box home improvement store. It’s something that is specifically designed for your bathroom. And that makes a bold statement – especially if you want to sell your home down the road.

Custom Fit

Choosing a custom enclosure also means that you won’t have to figure out how to get the wrong-sized door into your shower. Not all showers are standard-sized. If yours isn’t, a store-bought glass door may not fit. But a custom cut version is sure to fit any size of shower or bathroom space that you have.
Keep in mind, a shower door with a poor or imperfect fit can cause major problems in the long-run. While you might notice only small amounts of water leaking out, or you may think it’s acceptable to use a towel as a quick fix for your fit issue, the constant leaks can cause mildew or mold to grow in your bathroom.
If you don’t want to limit the shower size or shape, choosing a custom cut glass enclosure lets you get the design of your choice.
Do you need a custom cut piece of glass or a glass shower enclosure? Capital Glass and Mirror can help you to design the bathroom of your dreams.

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