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Crack in your windshield? Broken car window? Get an expert auto glass technician on site within 24 hours. So you can get back on the road faster. Auto glass repair in Baton Rouge doesn’t have to be complicated! Trust local dependability and get it done right.

Replacing your Auto glass with Capital Glass is simple:

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Your local Baton Rouge glass company offers:

  • Certified technicians
  • Lifetime warranty against leaks
  • Approved service by all insurance companies – we can help you with the claim process
  • Military and senior citizen discounts
  • Free mobile service to your home, office, or job site!
  • Huge inventory assures quick turn-around for all years, makes, & models!
  • Trusted OE (Dealer) glass – PPG, LOF and more
  • Free windshield repair for 120 days on our new windshield replacement!
  • Fleet rates
  • Heavy equipment glass

Your search for the best auto glass in Baton Rouge is over!

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